Landi Renzo USA for 2014 Ford E-350 Vehicles for California

2014 Ford E-350 vans being converted to dedicated-CNG operation at Landi Renzo USA headquarters in Torrance, Calif.











Landi Renzo USA kits with Type I fuel cylinders from Faber are being used to convert 130 Ford E-350 vans to dedicated-compressed natural gas operation for SuperShuttle, with almost all of the vehicles destined for deployment in California this year.

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While many fleets realize the fuel savings benefits of operating natural gas vehicles based on their driving conditions alone, many more companies are taking advantage of deploying NGV’s among their own fleet by reducing their upfront costs for conversion.

Are you utilizing the state incentive opportunities available to you for upfitting your vehicle to natural gas?


Last week Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, signed into law HB 1326. The alternative fuel measure is expected to give Natural Gas Vehicles a significant boost in a state that has been actively promoting the use of NGVs. The tax credits for vehicles cover 55 percent of the cost to convert a vehicle to operate on natural gas.

Texas, thru the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program, offers up to 90% of incremental cost to purchase, lease, commercially finance, or repower with qualifying natural gas vehicles or engines!

Other states such as Oklahoma offer an Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tax Credit for up to 50% of the incremental cost of up fitting a vehicle to operate on natural gas.

And not to be outdone, California’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program through the California Energy Commission (CEC) offer individual incentive amounts by gross vehicle weight (GVW) are as follows:

CA NGV Incentives

Additional Incentives by State as of June 11, 2014 include:

New York:  Incentives require vehicles to be domiciled and used in one of the five boroughs of NYC:  Class 3 – 8 vehicles, dedicated of bi-fuel, incentive is: 80% of incremental cost, not to exceed $40,000/vehicle

Pennsylvania:  ACT 13 Grants:  Vehicle must be less than 26,000 lbs GVW (Class 1-7); Incentive is: 50% of incremental cost, not to exceed $25,000/vehicle

Maryland:  Maryland Energy Incentive Program:  Class 1-2; Incentive is: $3,000/vehicle ; Class 3-4; Incentive is: $5,000/vehicle ; Class 5-7; Incentive is: $12,000/vehicle

Massachusetts:  CMAQ Funding for incremental vehicle cost is available through the MA Clean Cities program housed within the Commonwealth of MA Department of Energy Resources

Florida:  Just announced incentives on both vehicles and infrastructure.

How are you taking advantage of these vehicle upfit incentive opportunities for your fleet?

For a complete list of Landi Renzo vehicles that qualify for each of these programs, learn more about how to apply these incentives to your fleet, or connect with any one of our authorized distribution and installation partners, contact us at or calling (310)257-9481 to speak with a representative.

Visit NGV America’s State NGV Incentives for a complete listing of NGV incentives available to you in your state.

Freightliner Coronado Dual Fuel Glider

Freightliner Coronado Dual Fuel Glider

Freedom Transport is an authorized interstate and intrastate motor carrier operating from Illinois with a diverse fleet of trucks pulling end dumps, belly dumps, flatbeds, pneumatic tankers, tippers and liquid tankers, faithfully serving the mining, construction, manufacturing and waste hauling industries. They are a family owned business with a long history of providing the safe and cost efficient movement of freight.

This February, Freedom selected Baker Electromotive, Inc. and Landi Renzo USA as partners for the deployment of new Dual Fuel CNG (DNG) equipped Freightliner Class 8 glider trucks. By fueling with DNG,Freedom has an attractive return on investment, while reducing their consumption of diesel fuel.

Freedom is evaluating a combination of new dual fuel CNG trucks and dedicated CNG trucks in their fleet to achieve optimum fuels savings, driving range, and productivity. Baker has provided the first OEM-class DNG system of the ones that we have operated,” said Bob Orr, Freedom’s President.

In addition to a significant reduction in fuel cost, there is an associated reduction of emissions over the life of each truck. This reduction is accomplished in part by Landi Renzo’s EPA certified DNG conversion for the factory re-manufactured, pre-EGR, Detroit Diesel Series 60 with the 12.7L engine. These Freedom-owned, factory re-manufactured DNG engines now consume less diesel fuel and produce less emissions than the engines did when they originally rolled off the factory floor.

Having a Landi Renzo and Baker DNG product ensures that the Landi Renzo limited 3yr/300k mile warranty andFreedom’s reputation for reliable, cost-effective customer service remain intact.

Landi Renzo has over 60 years of global experience providing millions of alternative fuel systems to over 50 countries. Today, Landi Renzo USA and Baytech offer one of the broadest CARB & EPA certified NGV product portfolios available on the market, with total turnkey solutions on a variety of product platforms.

For a complete cost analysis on the savings your fleet could realize by deploying dual fuel technology, email or call (800) 765-2257to speak with a Baker representative.

SAFE SpA Appoints Mario Pirraglia as President of its North American Business Unit

SAFE SpA Appoints Mario Pirraglia as President of its North American Business Unit

SAFE SpA is pleased to announce the appointment of Mario Pirraglia as President of SAFE North America, effective April 21, 2014.

Mr. Pirraglia has more than 20 years’ experience in the CNG industry, leading well-respected companies such as FuelMaker, BRC Compressors and Mansfield Gas Equipment, the latest as Senior Vice President of Mansfield Energy.

Mr. Pirraglia has also held a number of key industry positions including serving as past Chairman of the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance, past Chairman of NGV America’s Marketing Committee and past Vice President of the International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles.

I am happy to welcome Mr. Pirraglia as the new President of our North American business unit. His background in the CNG industry is strong, and he brings to SAFE a great deal of experience growing business through sales/marketing and effective channel development.” says Carlo Pedroni, CEO of SAFE SpA.

Pedroni continues “Over the past few years we have achieved consistent progress towards our ambition to build the North America business for the Landi/SAFE brands, and I look forward to the business reaching higher levels under Mario’s leadership.” 

SAFE SpA, a subsidiary of Landi Renzo SpA, has been manufacturing CNG compression packages and other related equipment, as well as compression packages for the oil and gas industry, for more than 30 years. Founded in 1975, SAFE has become a global market leader and has delivered over 3,000 compressors systems worldwide.

For more information contact SAFE at

NEE_logo [New]


Landi Renzo USA is pleased to announce National Energy Equipment – Landi Renzo’s sole official distributor for the Canadian market and Canada’s largest energy equipment distributor – has successfully attained Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier Program (QVM) status and received Transport Canada (NSM) accreditation.

In March of 2013, Landi Renzo USA and National Energy announced a Natural Gas Vehicle product distribution partnership for the complete line of Landi Renzo USA CARB and EPA certified alternative fuel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) systems on various vehicle platforms.

Conversion of Ford vehicles with gaseous prepped Engines over to CNG utilizing Ford recognized Landi Renzo USA systems and performed at National Energy Equipment’s Calgary, AB, Canada facility will not void the Ford powertrain warranty.

National Energy Equipment designs, distributes and services complete fuel delivery systems and fluid handling systems for use in agriculture, aviation, commercial/retail petroleum, and industrial/bulk plant applications. In the transportation sector of their business, National Energy Equipment is a pioneer in the Canadian automotive conversion business with over 30 years of experience across all Canadian provinces. In recent years they have seen tremendous growth due to a rapid rise in the price of oil and an increased focus on the environment benefits of alternative fuels.

The distribution agreement allows National Energy equipment to offer Landi Renzo USA’s certified CNG portfolio, including Landi Renzo’s bi-fuel systems available on Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 Super Duty trucks.

For QVM product/pricing information contact:
Rene Vandriel
National Director Alternative Fuel Technology

Landi Renzo alternative fuel systems are available through Ford, GM and Isuzu ship thru channels and our Ford QVM installation partners nationwide. Our participation in the Ford QVM program ensure quality, reliability and seamless integration our of alternative fuel systems.

For more information please visit our website or call (310) 257-9481 to speak with a representative.

2015 Ford-F-250-bi-fuel

Landi Renzo USA, a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM), is pleased to announce EPA certification for the 2015MY Ford F 250/350 6.2L bi-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) system.

The EPA Certificate of Conformity includes model year 2015 Landi Renzo USA Bi-Fuel conversion for the Ford F-series Medium Duty Truck equipped with the 6.2L engine – including the F-250 and F-350 2WD/4WD Super Duty variants in multiple cab configurations.

Landi Renzo alternative fuel systems are available through Ford, GM and Isuzu ship thru channels and our Ford QVM installation partners nationwide. Our participation in the Ford QVM program ensure quality, reliability and seamless integration our of alternative fuel systems.

Landi Renzo has over 60 years of global experience providing millions of alternative fuel systems to over 50 countries. Today, Landi Renzo USA and Baytech offer one of the broadest CARB & EPA certified NGV product portfolios available on the market, with total turnkey solutions on a variety of product platforms.

For more information please visit our website call (310) 257-9481 to speak with a representative.

On display within the Ford Commercial Truck booth (Booth #3139)

NTEA 2014 – On display within the Ford Commercial Truck booth (Booth #3139)

With this year’s NTEA Work Truck Show and Green Truck Summit rapidly approaching, Landi Renzo USA, the global leader in alternative fuel systems, is looking forward to seeing  you and showcasing our lineup of alternative fuel products, available on a variety of platforms.

Our featured vehicle this year will be a 2014MY Ford F-550 Super Duty bi-fuel 6.8L V-10 on display within the Ford Commercial Truck booth (Booth #3139) from March 4th-6th.

Highlights for this F-550 bi-fuel truck include a Knapheide Service Body (6132D54J) modified with a transverse compartment to house the CNG cylinder and components.  Both the CNG and body installation have been performed by Knapheide at their Quincy, IL facility. Trucks of this configuration – as well as many others equipped with Landi Renzo CNG systems – are available for ship-thru.

LandiRenzo has over 60 years of global experience providing millions of alternative fuel systems over 50 countries. Our engineering expertise and participation in the Ford QVM program ensure quality, reliability, and seamless alternative fuel operation.

LandiRenzo CNG systems are available through our Ford ship thru channel partners and Ford QVM installation facilities nationwide.

For additional information, contact us at or

Landi Renzo E-450 CNG

Landi Renzo USA is pleased to announce the availability of our CARB and EPA certified CNG system for the 2014MY E-450 cutaway 6.8L

The natural gas system for the E-450 Cutaway will allow Landi Renzo to serve a variety of business applications, including the nation’s shuttle bus operators who have typically adopted the E-450 as a primary workhorse in their vehicle fleets.

“Release of this particular platform is of great excitement for us” says Andrea Landi “This opens up an entire new category of clients we’re able to serve”

This latest platform addition adds to Landi Renzo’s existing line of CARB and EPA certified products that include that include the Ford F-250/350 and F-450/550/650 Super Duty trucks, Econoline vans, F-59 and Freightliner stripped chassis as well as the Isuzu NPR HD.

As a world leading alternative fuel systems provider, Landi Renzo has been engineering natural gas systems for over 60 years – systems that are built to perform and built to last.

With millions of alternative fuel systems deployed around the globe, our engineering proficiency spans across numerous vehicle platforms and translate into the universal language of dependability, reliability and performance when you need it. 

Today, Landi Renzo USA and Baytech offer one of the broadest CARB & EPA certified NGV product portfolios available on the market, with total turnkey solutions on a variety of product platforms.

With system components designed, developed and integrated in collaboration with OEM’s, you can rest assured that the level of quality meets or exceeds OEM standards.  

Landi Renzo stands ready to supply CNG-capable products through its Ship-thru offerings available to Ford dealers, as well as their qualified QVM installation network. 


 Dual Fuel Detroit Diesel S60

Landi Renzo USA, a leading provider of automotive natural gas systems, announces EPA OUL approval of its dual fuel (diesel and natural gas) system for factory re-manufactured Pre-EGR Detroit Diesel S60 12.7L engines, for heavy duty trucks.


This advanced dual fuel system was developed over a twenty year period through Landi Renzo’s in-house engineering and technical team and allows operators of over the road trucks to take full advantage of the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel.  The latest generation Landi Renzo dual fuel system injects natural gas after the turbo/intercooler and computer controls the exact balance of natural gas and diesel fuels, to achieve the maximum performance, efficiency, and economy.

With a growing network of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) stations throughout the U.S., this proprietary system allows operators to displace the majority of their diesel fuel usage with natural gas, resulting in:

  • Average fuel displacement up to 60%
  • Noise reduction up to 40%
  • Particulate matter reduction up to 40%
  • CO2 reduction up to 14%
  • Smoke reduction up to 50%

“As a world leader in alternative fuel systems, we are pleased to present the availability of this innovative technology. Not only does this expand our current clean fuel product offering, but also it further promotes the increased use of natural gas as a fuel and moves us further down a path of energy independence in the United States” says Andrea Landi, Landi Renzo USA President.


  • Performance comparable to the original Pre-EGR engine in terms of torque, horsepower, drivability, and economy
  • Maintains and improves the emission levels of the original engine
  • Flexibility for adaptation to different diesel engines
  • Ability to switch back to 100% diesel if needed
  • Requires less CNG storage compared to a dedicated CNG vehicles
  • Extended range compared to original diesel system

Nationwide, natural gas is available at over 1,200 stations and priced up to $2.00/gallon LESS than diesel fuel. In the event natural gas is not readily available, the engine automatically reverts back to 100% diesel operation.

While this specific dual fuel CNG system is new to the U.S. market, Landi Renzo has successfully deployed this technology globally on applications that include Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai and Renault diesel engines.  Take the opportunity to experience the latest dual fuel CNG technology.

Landi Renzo and Baker Electromotive invite you to come see the Baker Electromotive DNG 100,  a new Freightliner Glider truck, equipped  with a factory OEM remanufactured Detroit Diesel S60 12.7L engine and the Landi Renzo Dual Fuel system at:  

NGVAmerica’s Conference & Expo Ride & Drive Exhibit
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA
November 18-21


Landi Renzo USA, which is emphasizing a broad collection of early certifications for its natural gas upfits of late-model vehicles, reports California Air Resources Board certification for 2014 Ford vans with the 5.4-liter engine for CNG.


Landi has previously announced U.S. EPA certification of its bi-fuel compressed natural gas-gasoline upfits for the Ford F-250 and F-350 for the 2014 model year. It has also secured California certification of heavier Ford F-450, F-550, and F-650 with 6.2- and 6.8-liter engines (F&F, September 7).

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