Landi Renzo USA Announces the Development of Dual Fuel CNG System for Detroit Diesel 12.7L S60 Engine

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Landi Renzo USA, a leading provider of automotive natural gas systems, announces the development of a dual fuel (diesel and natural gas) system for heavy duty trucks.


The dual fuel system for factory remanufactured Detroit Diesel S60 12.7L engines – developed through Landi Renzo’s in-house engineering and technical team – will allow operators of over the road trucks to take full advantage of the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel.

With a growing network of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) stations throughout the U.S., this proprietary system will allow operators to displace the majority of their diesel fuel usage with natural gas, resulting in:

  • Average fuel displacement up to 60%
  • Noise reduction up to 40%
  • Particulate matter reduction up to 40%
  • CO2 reduction up to 14%
  • Smoke reduction up to 50%

“As a world leader in alternative fuel systems, we are pleased to announce the development of this innovative technology. Not only does this expand our current clean fuel product offering, but also it further promotes the increased use of natural gas as a fuel and moves us further down a path of energy independence in the United States” says Andrea Landi, Landi Renzo USA President.


  • Performance comparable to the original engine in terms of torque, horsepower, and drivability
  • Maintains and improves the emission levels of the original engine
  • Flexibility for adaptation to different diesel engines
  • Ability to switch back to 100% diesel if needed
  • Requires less CNG storage compared to a dedicated CNG vehicles
  • Extended range compared to original diesel system

Nationwide, natural gas is available at over 1,200 stations and priced up to $2.00/gallon LESS than diesel fuel. In the event natural gas is not readily available, the engine automatically reverts back to 100% diesel operation.

While this specific dual fuel CNG system is new to the U.S. market, Landi Renzo has successfully deployed this technology globally on applications that include Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai and Renault diesel engines.

Landi Renzo is in the process of applying for approval from EPA. The products are expected to be available to the U.S. market by the end of 2013.

Landi Renzo and Baker Electromotive invite you to come see the Baker Electromotive DNG 100,  a new Freightliner Glider truck, equipped  with a factory OEM remanufactured Detroit Diesel S60 12.7L engine and the Landi Renzo Dual Fuel system at:

ACT Expo 2013 – Ride & Drive Exhibit –Wednesday, June 26th

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