LEAM Drilling Chooses Landi Renzo and Nat G for NGV Fleet

LEAM Drilling Chooses Landi Renzo and Nat G for NGV Fleet

Landi Renzo F550 bifuel

When LEAM Drilling, a Louisiana-based directional and horizontal drilling company, first transitioned their fleet of vehicles to natural gas, they struggled to find a reliable partner to provide ongoing service and support.

“We tried numerous systems and were initially disappointed with the technology and the level of customer service. When we connected with Nat G, we found support and we feel assured that the support will continue as we grow our natural gas fleet,” said Sonia Bradley, project manager at LEAM.

With more than a dozen bi-fuel Ford trucks in its fleet, LEAM needed a natural gas vehicle partner that was also a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM). The tag team of Ford QVM manufacturer Landi Renzo and Ford QVM installer Nat G was an ideal fit. Nat G and Landi Renzo have since converted several additional Ford vehicles for LEAM’s fleet.

“We are early adopters of natural gas vehicles,” said Bradley. “Nat G has given the extra push we needed to build a reliable fleet.”

Landi Renzo Ford F-550 bifuel

This month Nat G delivered two additional factory qualified bi-fuel vehicles using Landi Renzo systems to LEAM’s Pegasus NGV fleet. LEAM began transitioning its fleet to CNG in 2010, starting with four medium-duty vehicles. Since connecting with Nat G and Landi Renzo in 2013 they have expanded their fleet to 18 total CNG vehicles.

LEAM Drilling’s partnership with Landi Renzo and Nat G has led to an increase in service quality and value for their growing fleet of NGVs.

“Our natural gas vehicles have a higher ROI. At the rate we are using them, the conversion cost is paid within six months on each vehicle. Our latest, 2014 models, received early this year, have had no issues at all,” Bradley said.

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