Landi Renzo USA is the global leader in ecological mobility, connecting municipal and commercial fleets with effective clean transportation solutions powered by natural gas, propane and hydrogen.

For over 60 years, Landi Renzo has led the industry in researching and developing technology that transforms the power of clean burning fuel into a proven eco-friendly alternative to gasoline and diesel.

At Landi Renzo USA, we develop innovative fuel technologies that support American energy independence while promoting clean burning, sustainable transportation fuels, such as compressed and renewable natural gas, hydrogen and propane, leading to overall improvements for a cleaner environment.

From our headquarters in California to our network of partners around the country, Landi Renzo USA provides commercial and municipal fleets, dealers, and fleet management consultants with a more effective solution for simplifying the logistics for acquiring eco-friendly work trucks and commercial vehicles. Our portfolio of CARB and EPA certified natural gas systems for Ford fleet vehicles is the most comprehensive in the market. Our expanded Ford Ship-Thru capabilities increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of vehicle transportation. Our industry-leading system warranty, coupled with the Ford OEM warranty remaining intact, provides the highest level of protection. Our strategy delivers a more effective solution.

Since 2007, Landi Renzo has made significant investments in systems development for hydrogen, the real zero-emission technology of the future. With our global expertise and competence in fluid dynamics, prototyping, and electronics engineering, Landi Renzo is now a leading hydrogen systems integrator and component supplier to strategic partners.

  1. The start of Landi Renzo


    Landi Renzo is born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, where Renzo Landi and his wife Giovannina Domenichini, set up Officine Meccaniche Renzo Landi, the only company that made specific mixers for all types of vehicles.

  2. European and international expansion


    Sales expand rapidly throughout several European markets including France, Belgium and Holland. We establish our first OEM partnership with Mitsubishi in Japan. Opportunities soon open up in Eastern Europe, India, and South America.

  3. First acquisition


    Landi Renzo becomes an industrial group by acquirig Eurogas Holding B.V. a Dutch company in the same industry.

  4. Continued growth


    Landi Renzo Polska S.p.Z.o.o. is established in 1999 and quickly acquires r Med S.p.A. in Reggio Emilia.

  5. New company headquarters


    Landi Renzo opens our new company headquarters in Cavriago, Reggio Emilia.

  6. Global expansion


    Landi Renzo Brazil opens in 2003, followed in 2005 by China, the second research and development hub for our group.

  7. LANDI RENZO University launched


    LANDI RENZO University opens and becomes the center for human resource development and for the diffusion of sustainable mobility culture. The Landi Renzo Quality System introduces the ISO 9001 processes and procedures to the Italian network.

  8. Landi Renzo S.p.A. goes public


    Landi Renzo S.p.A. is listed on the STAR segment of Piazza Affari, the Italian stock exchange. The listing is a guarantee of transparency and allows our reputation to grow on the markets and top client and supplier relations. In the same year, Pars. opens in Tehran, Iran. Believing in its potential to become the real zero-emission technology of the future, we begin strategic investment in hydrogen.

  9. Continued growth


    Landi Renzo acquires Lovato Gas, the third largest player on the international market

  10. Landi Renzo enters the U.S. market; grows in Italy


    Our Group acquires Baytech Corporation, a California-based developer of high performance CNG fuel injection systems. Landi Renzo also acquires A.E.B. Technologies, an Italian company that designs and manufactures electronic devices for LPG/CNG conversions.

  11. Investment in infrastructure


    Landi Renzo acquires SAFE S.p.A, a key industry player specializing in infrastructure development for CNG and renewable natural gas. The same year, we establish Krishna Landi Renzo India Private Limited Held in India

  12. Expansion continues


    Landi Renzo opens our branch in Uzbekistan.

  13. Celebrating 60 years


    Landi Renzo marks our 60th anniversary with the “Excellence Inside” event, which includes the participation of Nobel Peace Prize winner W. Clark. Our new Technical Centre, totaling 15000 m2, opens next to our headquarters.

  14. South America


    Landi Renzo establishes Landi Renzo Argentina.

  15. SAFE/CEC Merger


    Landi Renzo continues to demonstrate leadership in the CNG market through the merger between our SAFE subsidiary and Clean Energy Compression, a single-source supplier of CNG fueling systems for vehicle applications and bulk CNG transportation.

  16. Expanding in hydrogen


    Landi Renzo partners with Hydrogenics, a worldwide leader in the design and development of hydrogen fuel cell systems and components for the heavy-duty trucking segment.

  17. Leadership and vision


    Landi Renzo Group continues our leadership in ecological mobility, setting new challenges for our company and our industry, and building continuous growth through internationalization, innovation, and training. Our research and development center opens in Turin. Landi Renzo USA joins the California Hydrogen Business Council.

Landi Renzo is a forward-thinking group
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Operating globally, our portfolio of brands is leading the way to a
sustainable future with eco-friendly systems and engines for the automotive industry.

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Landi Renzo USA is the global leader in ecomobility, connecting municipal and commercial fleets with effective clean transportation solutions powered by natural gas, propane and hydrogen.

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