Renewable Natural Gas

RNG [icon]Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a renewable form of energy that is produced through the decomposition of food waste, sewage, refuse or manure. With net zero (in green) emissions, RNG is an essential component of a strategy to decarbonize America’s energy portfolio and the most ecological solution for clean transportation.

Plentiful, clean and affordable

Top benefits of natural gas


  • Renewable natural gas is abundant because it’s derived from organic waste material found in daily life such as food waste, garden and lawn clippings, and animal and plant-based material
  • More than half of all the natural gas dispensed in California for transportation utilize RNG, powering buses, refuse trucks and heavy-duty trucks
  • Nationwide, usage is rapidly increasing; 39% of all on-road fuel used for natural gas vehicles in 2019 was RNG 
  • RNG is up to 90% cleaner than the NOx EPA standard for gasoline and diesel
  • RNG takes more carbon out of the environment than it produces; it can have a negative carbon intensity rating, which is better than electric vehicles
  • Fully interchangeable with compressed natural gas, is dispenses at CNG stations and can be used in CNG vehicles


  • Natural gas is not refined before use as a transportation fuel, saving the energy and emissions that are expended by refining gasoline and diesel from crude petroleum
  • Natural gas reduces greenhouse gases by 20% to 25%
  • When used as a transportation fuel, natural gas substantially reduces VOCs, SO2 and NOx


  • With an octane rating of approximately 130, natural gas allows for increased engine compression and combustion efficiency
  • Natural gas reduces maintenance costs through less wear on fleet engine
  • Stable prices and availability enable fleets to plan for the long-term
  • Many state and local governments offer incentives for natural gas fleets


  • The natural gas fueling structure is in place from coast to coast – the number of fueling stations grows substantially every year
  • The U.S. is the #1 producer of natural gas in world – natural gas recovery is taking place in 33 states and renewable natural gas can be sourced in every state
  • Tens of thousands of fleet vehicles powered by natural gas are in service today with many fleets currently upgrading their original vehicle

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