Warranty Registration


  1. Please complete the Warranty Registration Form and submit to Landi Renzo USA to activate the warranty on your vehicle.
  2. After the Warranty Registration Form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Please allow 48 – 72 hours to receive the proper flash file to be uploaded into your MyCANIC FD tool. The VECI label will be mailed to the installation center provided below.

ATTENTION MyCANIC USERS: You will be able to flash the CNG calibration into your vehicle PCM using MyCANIC tool. Please refer to Landi Installation Manual for instructions about how to use MyCANIC tool.

It is essential that the information below is accurate and complete, as this information must be reported to Federal and State Regulatory Agencies.

Installation Center Information

Vehicle Information

Please reference the sales order number received in your confirmation email.


For 1 to 5 vehicles enter the VIN numbers here.

For 6 or more vehicles upload an Microsoft Excel document with your VIN numbers in the Additional Documentation area below.

End User Information

Additional Documentation (File Upload)

Maximum upload size: 10MB

Installation Assistance
Complete the form below and submit to Landi Renzo regarding installation concerns. If there are questions or problems submitting this form, you can contact Landi Renzo USA Service:

Phone: (855) 526-3400
Fax: (310) 539-3041

Landi Renzo will ship replacement parts using standard ground shipment only. If expedited shipping is required by the Service Center, additional costs will apply.

Preliminary Information

Vehicle Owner Information

Vehicle Information

Installation Facility Information

Summary of Issues

Additional Documentation (File Upload)

Maximum upload size: 35MB
Please attach any additional supporting documentation.