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Natural gas fuel systems for Eco-Ready™ fleets

The global leader in ecological mobility, connecting municipal and commercial fleets with effective clean transportation solutions powered by natural gas, propane and hydrogen.

Landi Renzo USA is the go-to manufacturer for natural gas engines for commercial and municipal fleets

Landi Renzo is the world leader in the design and integration of fleet and passenger vehicle systems powered by eco-friendly fuel including natural gas, propane and hydrogen. For more than 60 years, we have met the challenges of environmental sustainability by engineering and manufacturing propane and natural gas fuel systems and components for government, commercial, and transit fleets. Recognizing the bright future of hydrogen, Landi Renzo is quickly becoming a leading hydrogen system integrator and component supplier.

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Landi Renzo USA engineers, manufacturers, and installs natural gas systems for OEM vehicles

We leverage our parent group for global experience in natural gas and propane system design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation as well as hydrogen system applications for fuel cells. With more than 91 global patents, our innovation-driven approach breaks new ground and opens new horizons for U.S.-based fleets. In our $50 million test facility – the most advanced emissions lab in the world – we’re continuously developing technology to help lower fleet emissions and reduce environmental impact while reducing fuel costs and maintaining vehicle performance.

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Landi Renzo USA technology helps lower fleet emissions and reduces environmental impact

We develop innovative fuel technologies that support American energy independence while promoting sustainable transportation fuels such as compressed or renewable natural gas and propane, as well as hydrogen fuel cells. As the Ford QVM developer and installer with the largest line-up of EPA and CARB-certified vehicles, we enable fleets to meet sustainability goals, state and local mandates, and secure grants through our hydrogen, propane and CNG and RNG systems. With near-zero emissions, natural gas is the most practical and proven sustainable fuel choice for Ford medium-duty applications seeking FTA funding.

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Landi Renzo USA is the Manufacturer of Record for our certified systems

As the Manufacturer of Record (MOR), we are accountable for ensuring our systems meet FMVSS requirements (49CFR). Ford maintains the OEM warranty on the base vehicle and the CNG system is warranted by Landi Renzo. We offer an industry-leading 3–Year / 50,000 miles warranty on system components, which are designed, developed, and integrated in collaboration with Ford.

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