Landi Renzo continues to grow with Idro Meccanica Acquisition

CAVRIAGO – January 18, 2022 – SAFE S.p.A., a company of the SAFE & CEC Group, controlled by Landi Renzo S.p.A., today finalized the acquisition of 90% interest in the share capital of Idro Meccanica S.r.l., a leading company in the production of innovative technologies and systems for hydrogen, renewable natural gas and natural gas compression. The remaining 10% stake in the share capital of Idro Meccanica will be transferred to SAFE S.p.A. once the necessary authorizations to sell have been obtained.

With over 40% of revenues generated by the sale of hydrogen-based applications, Idro Meccanica is specialized in hydraulic-driven compressors for RNG and hydrogen applications. Today, Idro Meccanica is a leading company in the hydrogen compressor supply segment, with a fleet of installed hydrogen compressors of around 150 units in both distribution and industrial applications. Its customers include the main hydrogen production and distribution operators, with a full range of products and applications for managing hydrogen compression up to 700 bar.

Cristiano Musi, Chief Executive Officer of Landi Renzo Group, commented: “We are very satisfied with the transaction that has just been finalized and to welcome within our Group Idro Meccanica, which stands out for its highly innovative and appreciated product range in addition to a team of high-standing professionals on which we strongly believe. This transaction adds to the acquisition of Metatron, and enables our Group to become a dominant player in the hydrogen compression industry, which we strongly believe in and expect will see significant growth in the coming years. The acquisition also supports our strategy to become the leader in the value chain of RNG and hydrogen, rapidly growing ‘energy sources’ that will play a fundamental role in the energy transition of the future.”

For more information and to place orders, visit Landi Renzo USA, email or call Paul Shaffer at (214) 263-6525.

About Landi Renzo Group
Landi Renzo is the world leader in the manufacturing of ecological fuel systems and components for the automotive industry. The company has its global headquarters in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in addition to subsidiaries in 12 different countries, including Landi Renzo USA, based in Torrance, CA. As a leader in eco-mobility with 68 years’ experience and an established presence in more than 70 countries, Landi Renzo has provided eco-friendly fuel systems to over 50 million vehicles globally reducing CO2 by 15 million tons. Learn more at Landi Renzo Group.

About SAFE S.p.A.
SAFE, founded in 1975, is a technology company that provides compression and decompression solutions for natural gas, renewable natural gas and hydrogen in the automotive, industrial and commercial sectors, at both the national and international levels. With more than 4,500 units installed worldwide and a network of partners and certified service centers, SAFE offers innovative solutions designed to promote the use of increasingly clean and sustainable energy.

About Idro Meccanca
Idro Meccanica, founded in the late Sixties by the Gozzi family, is a world-leading supplier of innovative solutions for compressing methane, biomethane, hydrogen and nitrogen. With over 1,450 units, Idro Meccanica is a pioneer and a key player in the hydrogen compression industry due to the expertise it has gained in over 25 years of experience. Its first hydrogen compressor dates back to 1996.
Idro Meccanica