Portfolio Update: Ford F-250/350 Bi-Fuel CNG System

F250-350 Pickup Landi Renzo USA

Landi Renzo USA, a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) and subsidiary of Landi Renzo SpA, is pleased to announce EPA certification for the 2013 Ford F 250/350 bi-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) system, adding to its dedicated CNG and bi-fuel product portfolio offering for 2013MY.

Available for order immediately, the EPA Certificate of Conformity includes the Model Year 2013 Landi Renzo USA Bi-Fuel conversion for the Ford F-series Medium Duty Truck – including the F-250 and F-350 2WD/4WD Super Duty pickup variants in multiple cab configurations.

Continuing on with a tradition of quality products available from Landi Renzo, the F-250/350 bi-fuel CNG system has been developed by some of the world’s leading alternative fuel engineers and is available exclusively through Landi Renzo USA’s Ship-thru partnerships and certified installation network.

Additional plans for Landi Renzo USA’s 2013MY Ford product portfolio include the continued development and certification of proven CNG applications for the Ford Econoline and F-450, F-550 and F-650 Super Duty Trucks.

SuperShuttle Expands Alternative Fueled Vehicle Fleet


SuperShuttle has a long history of providing green transportation in the form of shared ride services to and from 35 airports nationwide.  In addition to providing shared ride services, SuperShuttle has also incorporated alternative fueled vehicles into several of their fleets over the last 10 years.  In 2012, they selected Landi Renzo USA as an additional partner for deployment of CNG equipped vans in the California market. By fueling with CNG, SuperShuttle franchisee owner-operators have a payback around 1.5 years while reducing their consumption of gasoline.

In addition to significant savings in fuel, reduction of C02 emissions over the life of each van are estimated at over 80 metric tons. That’s 80 metric tons of CO2 that is no longer released into the atmosphere, making the skies in the country a lot clearer and the air a lot easier for all of us to breathe. This reduction is accomplished in part by Landi Renzo’s CARB/EPA certified CNG conversion for the Ford Econoline with the 5.4L engine which carries a SULEV (Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) designation. What this means is these SuperShuttle CNG powered vans now produce 50% less NOx and CO emissions than these vehicles did when they rolled off the factory floor.

Despite this conversion occurring after the vehicles final assembly at Ford’s manufacturing plant in Elyria, OH, SuperShuttle is backed with the confidence of knowing that Landi Renzo USA is a designated Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) manufacturer for gaseous fuels. Having a Landi Renzo QVM installed product ensures that the Ford warranty and SuperShuttle’s reputation for reliable service remain intact.

SoCalGas Continues to Add New Natural Gas-Powered Trucks to Customer Service Fleet

SoCalGas-CNG Landi Renzo Baytech

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is continuing with its pledge to add about 1,000 new natural gas-powered trucks to its fleet over the next five years. The trucks are part of the utility’s “green” fleet replacement program that will have residential energy service technicians driving the message that natural gas is the fuel of choice for the road.

The utility has been purchasing new natural gas-powered trucks from original equipment manufacturers as well as custom-built natural gas vehicles through a collaborative effort with local Southern California companies. Currently, SoCalGas has over 1,000 natural gas vehicles in its fleet.

Last year, the first of 50 custom-built 2011 Chevrolet Silverado trucks were delivered for use in Southern California. Continuing their work with Torrance-based Landi Renzo USA, Pacific Truck Equipment and Rotolo Chevrolet, 54 additional 2012 trucks equipped with Landi Renzo/Baytech California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved compressed natural gas fuel systems will be delivered this year.

Natural gas vehicles are a real transportation solution today,” said Hal D. Snyder, vice president of customer solutions at SoCalGas. “Natural gas is the ideal fuel for transportation because it’s abundant, affordable, clean and produced domestically, and can serve all segments of the transportation industry. As we work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our fleet, we encourage the automakers and after-market companies to produce natural gas vehicles, an effort that will result in significant air quality and cost benefits to customers and the region.”

Independent sources estimate the U.S. supply of natural gas will last more than a century. Compressed natural gas currently costs just over $2 per gasoline gallon equivalent, offering the public significant fuel costs savings. Another major benefit of compressed natural gas as a transportation fuel is reduced tailpipe emissions. When compared to a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle, a natural gas vehicle realizes reduced carbon dioxide, or CO2, emissions, reduced nitrogen oxides, or NOx, and carbon monoxide, or CO, emissions, and particulate matter emissions are also reduced.

“SoCalGas’ continued commitment to the use of cleaner, domestically produced, and less expensive fuel here in Southern California, should be applauded” said Andrea Landi, President of Landi Renzo USA. “We are pleased to have been selected for a second year as SoCalGas’ partner in this effort.”

Southern California currently has nearly 300 compressed natural gas fueling stations serving more than 17,000 natural gas-powered vehicles. SoCalGas plans to expand over the next few years all of its 13 company-owned public-access compressed natural gas stations. At its Riverside refueling station, SoCalGas is field testing a new modular compressed natural gas “fueling station in a box” technology that takes 20 percent less space and can be installed faster than traditional facilities with separate components installed on the site, thereby offering the potential to significantly reduce capital cost and construction time.

SoCalGas also is a member of a national collaborative, called “Drive Natural Gas Initiative,” made up of North American natural gas utilities and producers focused on advancing natural gas as a fuel for all sectors of transportation, including cars, trucks, buses, and marine and mining equipment.

Compressed Natural Gas Refueling Stations


Landi Renzo S.p.A., through its new company SAFE S.p.A., has announced their entrance into the CNG compressor and fill station component market, under the SAFE brand.

As the world leader in alternative fuel systems, Landi Renzo believes the new business relationship with SAFE, a distinguished leader and developer of innovative products for CNG fill stations since 1975, is a natural fit for both companies.

SAFE has been operating for more than 35 years in the production of compressors for gas processing in a variety of applications. Its core business is within CNG (natural gas refueling stations for vehicles), Oil and Gas (compressors and auxiliary systems for the processing of gas, from extraction to distribution), plants for biomethane, hydrogen and Liquefied Natural Gas processing.

“Landi Renzo USA will take full advantage of this business venture and focus on marketing these new products throughout North America” said Landi Renzo USA President Andrea Landi.

The transaction is part of the Landi Renzo’s strategy which considers the expansion of its current NGV product portfolio and the expertise in the production of CNG stations as a competitive advantage in the alternative fuels market. Landi Renzo also believes that, in terms of an industrial integration strategy, refueling stations have a significant role in the adoption of natural gas vehicles.

Portfolio Update: Ford 6.8L F450/550/650 CNG System

ford-f-550-chassis-cab-front 1

Landi Renzo USA / Baytech, a subsidiary of Landi Renzo SpA, is pleased to announce the addition of the EPA approved CNG powered 2012 Ford 6.8L V10 engine.

Available for order immediately, the EPA Certificate of Conformity includes dedicated CNG applications for the 2012 Ford F-450/550/650 Chassis Cab and F53/F59 Step Van Chassis.

50-State compliancy (CARB Certification) is anticipated to follow shortly.

The latest EPA certificate adds to the extensive Landi Renzo USA / Baytech product portfolio, which already include the bi-fuel/CNG 2012 Ford F-250/350 2WD/4WD pickup variants in multiple bed configurations. Additional dedicated CNG applications are available for the 2012 Ford E150/250/350 Passenger / Cargo Van and GM 6.0L powertrain for the Isuzu NPR HD, Workhorse W62 and Freightliner MT45-55.

Continuing on with a tradition of quality for over 50 years, the latest Landi Renzo CNG system has been developed by some of the world’s leading engineers, further solidifying Landi Renzo’s position as the premier global alternative fuels supplier.

Landi Renzo USA was established in Torrance, CA and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landi Renzo SpA.  Landi Renzo USA also owns Baytech Corporation and the associated CNG conversion products for several General Motors platforms.  www.landiusa.com

Landi Renzo S.p.A. is the largest alternative fuel systems supplier in the world and owns approximately 40% of the global market share in CNG and LPG conversion systems. It is traded on the Italian Stock Exchange Star Segment under the ticker symbol LR.