Propane the proven alternative fuel for fleets

Millions of vehicles today are fueled with propane, it is the second most-widely used clean fuel after natural gas. Propane autogas, also called liquid petroleum gas (LPG), is the leading environmentally-friendly fuel in the U.S. Because LPG is a mixture of light hydrocarbons, it significantly reduces greenhouse gases and pollution. With an established, low-cost fueling structure, propane is a proven alternative for fleets to meet corporate “green” initiatives and reduce vehicle cost of ownership.

Propane fuel helps meet fleet vehicle sustainability goals by improving environmental outcomes, low-cost fueling infrastructures and reducing the total cost of ownership of the fleet vehicle.

Proven, clean, fuel-of-choice

Top benefits of propane autogas


  • Clean-burning fuel with up to 25% less greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel
  • 20% less harmful NOx
  • Reduces carbon dioxide by 12% and carbon monoxide by 60% compared to gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles


  • Longer engine life – elimination of diesel particulate fibers in certified propane fuel systems reduces wear
  • High octane ratings, low-carbon and low-oil contamination reduce maintenance visits and cost
  • Lower, more stable fuel cost and availability enable fleets to plan for the long term
  • Many state and local governments offer incentives for propane fleets


  • Promotes American energy independence – 85% of propane autogas used in the U.S. comes from the U.S.
  • Established fueling infrastructure – more than 2,500 propane fueling stations nationwide
  • Hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road today are fueled by propane including fleet shuttle buses, medium duty and school buses

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