Compressed Natural Gas

CNG [icon]Natural gas is one of the most widely available eco-friendly fuels for municipal and commercial fleets. This abundant, natural resource is produced in the U.S. and promotes American energy independence. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is sourced from fossil fuel deposits compressed to less than 1% of its standard volume. With near-zero emissions, natural gas is also the most practical and proven sustainable fuel choice for Ford medium-duty applications seeking FTA funding.

Plentiful, clean and affordable

Top benefits of natural gas


  • Natural gas is not refined before use as a transportation fuel, saving the energy and emissions that are expended by refining gasoline and diesel from crude petroleum
  • Natural gas reduces greenhouse gases by 20% to 25%
  • When used as a transportation fuel, natural gas substantially reduces VOCs, SO2 and NOx


  • With an octane rating of approximately 130, natural gas allows for increased engine compression and combustion efficiency
  • Natural gas reduces maintenance costs through less wear on fleet engine
  • Stable prices and availability enable fleets to plan for the long-term
  • Many state and local governments offer incentives for natural gas fleets


  • The natural gas fueling structure is in place from coast to coast – the number of fueling stations grows substantially every year
  • The U.S. is the #1 producer of natural gas in world – natural gas recovery is taking place in 33 states and renewable natural gas can be sourced in every state
  • Tens of thousands of fleet vehicles powered by natural gas are in service today with many fleets currently upgrading their original vehicle

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