Hydrogen: the real zero-emission technology

HydrogenHydrogen is fast becoming the real zero-emission technology of the future. Hydrogen is passed through fuel cells and combines with oxygen to produce electricity that powers the drivetrain on an electric vehicle.

With the interest in electric transit buses, medium-duty delivery vehicles and short-haul delivery trucks and pickups, hydrogen is quickly becoming a solution for fleets targeting zero emissions.

Sustainable, clean, high-performing

Top benefits of hydrogen


  • ZERO emissions
  • Eliminates storage and removal of toxic waste such as battery acid or diesel fuel
  • Cleaner engine systems – hydrogen fuel cells filter out impurities
  • Sustainable, reliable source of energy


  • Higher performance and torque extends range
  • Lower operating costs – eliminates the need for batteries, charging and labor
  • Fewer scheduled maintenance visits
  • Saves time and money – hydrogen fuel systems run longer than batteries and can be fueled more quickly

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