Landi Renzo Sees Bright Future in Hydrogen

Landi Renzo continues to be a global leader in sustainable mobility with the development of components and systems for ecological transportation. For over 66 years, Landi Renzo has led this market worldwide, contributing significantly to reducing polluting emissions. In fact, nearly one million of Landi Renzo systems are sold annually.

But what about the future? In 2007, Landi Renzo took a strategic position to invest in hydrogen, believing in its potential to become the “real” zero-emission technology of the future. Landi Renzo is excited about the future and has already completed multiple joint programs.

More importantly, Landi Renzo is now positioned to be a hydrogen system integrator as well as a component supplier to strategic partners.

In our world class facilities, Landi Renzo develops components, such as integrated fuel cell manifolds, injectors, regulators, valves, fuel metering and FCCU for fuel cell propulsion. These components support on- and off-road applications throughout the world.

Our expertise and competence in fluid dynamics, mechanical, prototyping, electronics engineering and hydrogen system applications to fuel cells positions Landi Renzo as an industry leader. In addition, through its subsidiary SAFE-CEC, leader in the CNG and RNG compressor manufacturing, we are developing advanced solutions for hydrogen filling stations.

Cristiano Musi, CEO of Landi Renzo Group, recently stated that “Landi Renzo aims to grow our position in the hydrogen space and be partners with stakeholders worldwide in the development of systems and components for hydrogen mobility.”

“Within 5 years, hydrogen can become a competitive and reliable solution adopted widely for mobility” said Musi during an interview published by Hydrogen News.

In 2019 Landi Renzo announced a strategic partnership with the Canadian group Hydrogenics for the design and development of hydrogen fuel cell systems and components for the heavy-duty segment worldwide.

Most recently, Landi Renzo USA joined the California Hydrogen Business Council to expand our footprint into the United States.

“We are pleased Landi Renzo USA joined the California Hydrogen Business Council and our efforts to further commercialize California’s growing hydrogen and fuel cell industry with effective state level policies” said Bill Zobel, CHBC Executive Director. “Landi Renzo brings world leading expertise in the design and integration of fleet and passenger vehicle systems powered with eco-friendly fuels, including hydrogen fuel cell systems.”

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