Our Most Technologically Advanced Electronic Pressure Regulator (EPR), for Sale in the U.S. Market. 


With the opening of the 2015 ACT Expo in Dallas, Landi Renzo USA has announced plans to release our most technologically advanced Electronic Pressure Regulator (EPR) for sale in the U.S. market.

Our regulator, one of the most innovative natural gas regulators in the industry, will yield the following advantages over the traditional mechanical style regulator commonly used in the industry.

Electronic Pressure Regulator Advantages and Main Characteristics:

  • Electronic control of optimal output pressure depending on specific engine and/or ambient conditions
  • Works with Natural Gas and supports the flow rates required for HD applications
  • Cold Start performances are vastly improved compared to a mechanical regulator
  • Compact single-stage design for improved vehicle packaging
  • Inherently reliable in cold conditions due to complete elimination of rubber parts
  • No heating required. An optional heater for freezing protection of other rubber-based  system parts (e.g. fuel injector O-ring seals, hose seals etc.) is available upon request
  • Closed loop control of output pressure with high dynamic response and no performance drift over the entire life-span
  • Extended range (or equivalent fuel saving in tank cost) compared to a standard mechanical pressure regulator obtained by further sensing and compensation at low CNG storage pressure
  • Proprietary software for control and diagnostic, integrated electronic control box, simple communication with the engine control system via vehicle CAN bus
  • Extensive validation (OEM specifications)

We are releasing a piece of innovative technology that will deliver immediate and tangible benefits to our customers by virtually eliminating several limitations affecting the conventional systems” says Marco Genova, Vice President of Engineering for Landi Renzo USA. “Our customers will be pleased with the new standard of performance achievable with the Electronic Pressure Regulator, in particular during cold engine starts at very low ambient temperature, with the compact packaging and the level of integration achievable with the engine and vehicle control system.

Plans for a phased in approach to existing products will include introduction of the EPR on the 2016MY Ford F450/550 6.8L V10. Introduction to additional platforms will follow.

To learn more about the advantages of the Landi Renzo EPR, contact us at A webinar will be scheduled at a later date for a comprehensive overview of the EPR’s features and benefits. Estimated availability October 2015.