New York Joins Other States in Support of EPA Aftermarket CNG Systems

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has formally indicated that it will allow the use of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified systems on any motor vehicles labeled as a 50-state vehicle. For vehicles labeled and certified as California-only, New York will continue to require the use of California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved aftermarket systems. Since the vast majority of vehicles are now certified and labeled as 50-state vehicles, the state’s action means that fleets and consumers will now have access to a much larger selection of natural gas aftermarket options. A 50-state vehicle is legal in all U.S. states because it has been certified to California and EPA emission standards. Vehicles that are certified as California-only are legal in California and CARB states (i.e. states that have adopted California’s motor vehicle emission regulations for new vehicles).

The policy guidance was issued in a letter to the Clean Communities of Central New York, a member of DOE’s Clean Cities Program. Patrick Bolton of NYSERDA spear-headed the discussions with DEC, which included six New York Clean Cities coalitions. Barry Carr, Director of Business Development for Landi Renzo USA, and a volunteer coordinator for Clean Communities of Central New York also was instrumental in this effort. The hope is that other Northeast CARB states will adopt the same position in the near future. New York joins two other CARB states, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, in indicating that it will allow the use of EPA certified systems. The decision is particularly important because currently there are no bi-fuel CARB certified aftermarket systems for natural gas. The only bi-fuel systems that have been certified to CARB’s rules are OEM applications.

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